When you want your engagement ring and wedding ring to go together on the same finger we have the perfect solution for you, 

We have a few outstanding extraordinary designs to blow your ponytail away. 

These unique engagement diamond ring designs were specially made to fit and flatter a classic timeless, ordinary yet you'll never get bored with it, simple diamond wedding band. 

The diamond wedding band sits comfortably under the unique design engagement ring center. 

1.  Link to first photo ring set : 

Lilly Flower Unique Diamond Engagement Ring with Matching Full Eternity Diamond Band

2. Link to sencond ring set: 

Love Blossom Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring with a Matching Eternity Diamond Band

3. Link to third ring set: 

ROME CROWN DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING with matching eternity diamond band


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From the jewelry designer of the decade ;) Shanie Zak aka Silly Shiny.


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