5 most common brutal mistakes clients do when purchasing a DIAMOND JEWELRY online –

Okay other jewelers and jewelry companies will hate me for doing this, however these are the secrets they don’t want you to know, and this is the what makes the true value of a jewel, and what really makes the price of diamond jewelry and if it’s worth paying it or not.

Common Mistake # 1- Purchasing without knowing the diamond weight

A lot of clients know this and to look for the diamond weight in a jewelry, however a lot of jewelry companies when the jewelry in more fashion diamond jewelry and not engagement, don’t specify the diamond weight.

Common Mistake # 2- Purchasing without knowing diamond quality

A seller writes on listing – “Beautiful sparkling clear diamond” without specifically saying the diamond color and clarity?

 Alert bells must be firing in your brain, 99.9% chances are this means diamond are enhanced of poor quality.  

Enhanced diamonds - > because the original color and clarity of the stone has been improved by treatment, these diamonds don’t have a real color or clarity grading (only guessing).

Poor quality diamonds - means brownish, yellowish color, and many black and white dots visible to naked eye in the stone (can also be in small stones) and that’s why they don’t want to write the color and quality and they are counting on when you see the jewelry you don’t know enough to pay attention.

Common Mistake # 3 Purchasing enhanced diamonds & poor quality diamond jewelry without knowing

There is nothing wrong with Enhanced diamonds or poor quality diamonds, however you must know that and pay attention to this detail.

Enhanced diamonds value is much lower than natural diamonds value. They cost less and the priced should be accordingly.

Another thing must know about enhanced diamonds that because of the treatment they have been through they have higher changes of the diamond braking or changing its color over time, depends on treatment.

Poor quality diamond jewelry - First sign the jewelry is set with poor quality diamonds is the price off course. If it’s cheap you know you are going to get dirty yellow diamonds.

Common Mistake #4 Purchasing big diamond without having a jewelry certificate

If you purchase a big diamond jewelry certificate is a MUST.  Because then the seller can the stone is one thing and it is another thing and then the price is completely different.

To avoid such problems and make sure your diamond jewelry is of high standard quality, always purchase diamond jewelry with jewelry certificate.

We at Silly Shiny Diamonds for example offer free jewelry certificate with every purchase you just need to ask when you place your order.

Common Mistake # 5 - Know your jewelry certificate lab

Having a certificate is already a major improvement when buying diamond jewelry then not having jewelry certificate at all, HOWEVER when purchasing a big diamond there is a difference between buying it with GIA certificate or other laboratory certificate.

GIA is considered most strict and accurate diamond grading laboratory and therefor a diamond with GIA certificate will always cost more than a diamond any other lab certificate.