Today we have a question from Marina Nova, from Texas USA, Marina wrote to us:

“What is the deal with diamond quality you are always talking about?”

We thought this question is interesting to many of our clients we are sharing the answer here.

Dear Marina

A value of jewelry is determined by many parameters; sometimes it’s the brand’s name, the design, the metal type, the type of craftsmanship, and last but not least the stones that are set in the jewelry.

When we talk about diamond jewelry and their value, the quality of the diamonds is one of the most important factors to determine the value of this kind of jewelry,

First off all why do we say that diamonds are important to determine a diamond jewelry value? Because the diamonds as a material is the one that cost the most per gm, out of all the essential substances jewelry is constructed from, the diamonds cost more than the craftsmanship and more from the printing, casting and even more then the gold.

Diamonds are bought by the carat. Carat is a weight unit that can be converted to 0.2gm.

Other than the carat weight the quality of a diamond is set by its cut, clarity and color,  the higher cut, clarity and color grades the diamonds have they cost more, their value is higher in the long term.  Good quality diamonds are also more beautiful, a good cut reflects and brakes the light better so the diamond shines more, good clarity  mean the diamonds are clear (not cloudy) so they sparkle more lively. High color grade means the diamonds is whiter so the jewelry is more beautiful and sparkly for more years.

The difference in prices between the different qualities of the diamond adds up to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

If you buy a diamond jewelry that is very cheap the diamonds will be yellowish and cloudy and have no liveliness and and no sparkle to them, you will be able to see black or yellow visible spots of the diamonds (even when very little) sometimes when you buy jewelry like that online you can see it even right away from the pictures. Even if seller says different you can know by the price it probably is not correct.


Dear Marina I hope we have answered your question to the max, we add a little table to demonstrate the diamond quality we use!

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