Devine 1 carat engagement ring design- Flower engagement ring; inspired by Lilly Rose flower this gorgeous ring will make your dreams come true

When you are look for an exquisite perfect engagement ring, we believe our flower engagement ring will definitely make your dreams come true.

This ring can be customizing with center diamond from 0.3ct up to 1.0 carat diamond canter diamond. Each flower ring is specifically and specially created for its owner desires. You can choose your wanted gold color, and gold purity, if you would like the ring made from one gold color or two tones.

This flower engagement ring is designed with a lot of attention to details; Center of the flower is a white and clean diamond you can choose its size according to what is most comfortable to you in means of physical size or your engagement ring budget concerns, Around the center diamond there are 6 petals for the flower and the design continues to the rings shank with three gold leaves set with diamonds from each size of the flower center.

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Shanie Zak Aka Silly Shiny

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