New bold and flattering design from silly shiny diamonds jewelry design house, power tiger ring! 

This truly unique design is the edge in jewelry design, we combine to best of top quality materials, craftsmanship, shapes and forms to make unforgettable diamond jewelry, comfortable to wear and also comfortable in the prices ! 

This ring is made from 14K white gold with black Rhodium for the drama effect, the tiger is set with approx 200 diamonds, and each is hand set by our master stone setter. The tiger’s eyes are to green emeralds.

We know when you order a stylish piece like this you may have looked at several designers before you saw this one, we can assure you our ring is bold and stands out. It is not for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about the ring click the picture to go to the rings listing.

All our jewelry are bespoke jewelry, which means each piece is custom made per order therefor You don’t have to go for our preferences for this design,

You can customize the ring gold color (to rose gold / yellow gold / White gold), the gold purity (of instance if you’d like in 18k gold), and you can also customize the stones, if you’d like to change the tiger eyes to be sapphire blue, or Ruby red. Just ask ! J

We love to hear what you think, tell us all about it, you can comment here in the blog below or feel free to email us with any question you may have about our jewelry we love to answer and we answer everyone that write to us 

Love you! Wishing you happy New Year and merry Christmas and Hanukkah


tiger diamond ring tiger diamond ringtiger diamond ring on hand