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Lab Diamond Rings Set

A lab diamond is identical in all it's features, hardness and sparkle and looks to a natural diamond , only 2 main differences are where is was born & the price tag.

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1.35 crat Pear Diamond Engagement Rings set with Matching V Nesting Wedding Band Atyasha - sillyshinydiamonds

Pear Diamond with Matching Chevron V Wedding Band, Engagement Rings set, "Atyasha" ♥

Lily #5 Diamond Flower Engagement Ring Set - sillyshinydiamonds

Flower Diamond Engagement Ring Set Gold Ring Guard Lily #5 ♥


Oval Diamond Engagement Two Rings Set - Minimal Lily & Ariana ♥

Muse Unique Pear Diamond Engagement Rings Set - 1.68 Carat - sillyshinydiamonds

Unique Pear Diamond Engagement Two Rings Set "Muse" ♥

Minimal Lily - Oval Moissanite & Diamonds Floral three rings set - sillyshinydiamonds

Oval Diamond Floral Three Rings Set "Minimal Lily" ♥


Pear Diamond Infinity Twist Shank Engagement Ring & Diamond Ring guard "Zeus" ♥


Oval Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Maia


Oval Diamond Halo Engagement ring "Nia" & "Hermes" Wedding Band Two Rings Set

Pear Nia & Two Hermes - 1.45ct Pear Diamond Halo Unique Engagement & Wedding Three Rings - Set - sillyshinydiamonds

Pear Diamond Halo Nia & Two "Hermes" Bands, Wedding Three Rings Set Nia Trio ♥