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Perhaps the best-loved gems of all time. Pearls are soft gemstones created in the sea. Pearls—natural and cultured—occur in a wide variety of colors. The most familiar are white and cream, but the palette of colors extends to every hue.

Pearls are believed to be a symbol of innocence and faith. Pearls are June's birthstone!

Pearl and Diamonds Vintage Nesting Ring

two ring set perls and diamonds v band and emerald cut diamond ring
wedding two rings set emerald cut engagement ring an pearls wedding band

Emerald cut Diamond Engagement ring "Spark" and Pearls & Diamonds Wedding V-Band


Pearls and Diamonds Wedding Band - Evi


OOAK White Opal, Pink Gemstones and pearls Engagement Ring ♥


Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with Pearl Nesting Band Wedding Rings Set Scarlett


Pearls and Diamonds Vintage Inspired Ring - Lia

Romi Pearl & Diamonds Ring - sillyshinydiamonds
Romi Pearl & Diamonds Ring - sillyshinydiamonds

Pearl and Diamonds Ring - "Romi" ♥