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Oval Cut Diamond

The Trendy Diamond

Oval diamonds have been very trendy for the past few years. They have excellent brilliance and because of their elongated proportions the oval diamond compliments the finger Oval diamonds have a larger surface area than a round diamond of equal carat weight so it appears larger to the eye

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Oval pink sapphire & diamonds engagement ring, Phoenix ♥

From$1,950 USD

Oval pink sapphire & diamonds delicate engagement ring - Ella

From$650 USD
Great Gatsby Art Deco Oval Diamond Unique Engagement Ring - sillyshinydiamonds

Oval Diamond Unique Art Deco Engagement Ring - Great Gatsby ♥

From$2,365 USD

Oval Diamond 1.30ct Unique Engagement Ring, "Athena" & Two Athena's Armors

From$1,880 USD

Oval Diamond Engagement Two Rings Set - Minimal Lily & Ariana ♥

From$1,320 USD

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement ring "Nia' & Two "Hermes" Nesting Bands Three Rings Set

From$2,530 USD