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5 special jewellery gifts to gift your loved one this Christmas

5 special jewellery gifts to gift your loved one this Christmas

It's the time for new beginnings.

It's almost that time of the year when you let go of what's in the past and enter a new phase in life. Since everyone is gearing up for the festive season with Christmas being around the corner, what better than an occasion like this to embark on a new journey? To convey your love to that special one in your life and to tell them how you want to be with them to infinity and beyond?

And if you have been already looking at gift options for your better half, here are 5 jewelry pieces from my Infinity collection that might be just perfect.

Mini Infinity Knot Ring:

Think it’s time to put a ring on it? This mini infinity knot ring is delicately designed and is perfect for such a special occasion like this. If your partner has an elegant and classy taste, she is not only going to love the ring but will most definitely say “Yes, I do!” 

Infinity Knot Diamond Ring:

This stunning infinity knot diamond ring is made of natural diamonds and is a brilliant gift idea for your spouse. The specialty of this infinity knot diamond ring is that the diamonds can be switched to black diamonds, sapphires and ruby. 

Double Infinity Knot Diamond Ring:

The double infinity knot symbolizes two everlasting commitments combined. The infinity sign will always remind your partner of the romance and love you share. 


Small Infinity Knot Diamond Necklace:

This small infinity knot diamond studded necklace has two circles interconnecting representing the idea of 'together forever'. If you think giving a ring to your loved one could be a little too cliché and would want to save it for another occasion, this piece can be a great option.


Infinity Knot Diamond Cuff Bangle:

This lovely infinity knot diamond cuff bangle would be just the perfect Christmas gift for your beloved wife. Even better if your anniversary falls around the same dates! 


If you're planning to propose and have a special idea for a ring - we can make it happen! Just contact me, I'd love to help you create the perfect ring.

Be Silly, Be Shiny
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Shanie Zak


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