How we design a wedding ring to fit your engagement ring?

How we design a wedding ring to fit your engagement ring?
Looking to find a perfect custom made wedding band to match your engagement ring? Dying to upgrade your rings stack?
You're in the right place darling!
As most of you probably know, silly shiny is always in the making of crafting the best custom designed wedding bands.
Our head designer is so talented & experienced that we can say proudly - this is our specializing.
Creating a 3D file with your beautiful engagement ring & pairing it with the wedding bands you dreamed of - makes it so easy for you to see it clear and decide which one is the one.

So what are the steps?

First step: sending us clear photos of your engagement ring – top view, front view, side view.
Custom engagement ring design

Second step: sending us your ring size + wanted gold color & purity. (this step is necessary to get the most accurate quote)


custom designs wedding bands

Third step: let us know as many details as you can, make sure to measure correctly. Please send the measurements in mm: width of the band, size of the center stone, if there's a Halo than include the halo, etc.

In this step you will probably get the guidance from us about the measurements needed. (we all know that each ring is unique and different).


Final step: after getting the 3D model of your exact ring, now the fun begins - Let us know what you want!

Any ideas of wedding bands you saw on our website and was thinking  to yourself how will it look paired with your ring, unique details you dreamed of, and anything that’s on your heart. We are here for your service.


More Examples of designs we did for our unique & beautiful clients:

custom design wedding band


custom design wedding bands


custom design of wedding bands


custom design wedding bands


custom designs of wedding bands


For more info please don’t hesitate to contact


Let us know what you think in comments below :)


Xo, Shanie
Silly Shiny Diamonds



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